plastic sealing machine

plastic sealing machine

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frqm 980c plastic sealing machine high-efficiency & perfect ink printer

applicable to the major industries oi" aluminum foil bags, plastic bags, composite bag sealing,
The device has a solid seal, high efficiencyequipment has a handsome
In appearance, advanced technology, low power consumption, easily operation and maintenan ce advantages.

plastic sealing machine

electronic constant temperature control, stepless speed regulation
Can seal different variety of material plastic bags

Plastic Bag Sealing Machine

the working principle of sealing machine

when it turns on, the electronic theronic thermal component products quantity of heat to make the Temperature and speed necessary for the sealing material through the temperature control meter and the speed Regulatorthe plastic packing bag is transmitted by the conveyer belt with its sealing part sentinto between The two running sealing braids and subjected to the extrusion of the two heaters in heating area to have the Plastic film bound after being heater, then the bag is cooled in cooling area, its sealing partrolled by the Pattern roller or the inker wheelis make out with stripes or netted veins and necessary colorlabelthe drive Part consists of sealing belt, lead belt and conveyer belt all in synchronism running driven by a motor.

frqm980c ground type air filling sealing machine
Product information

band Plastic Bag Sealing Machine

kunba frqm980c ground type air filling sealing machine
Technology parameters

model frqm98oc sealing width 10mm
voltage ac220/50hz 110v/60hz temperature range 0-3 00°c
motor power 80w conveyor loading <5kgs
air pump power 200w shipment dimension 1030*590*88omm
heating power 280w*2 weight 41kg/48kg
sealing speed 0-16m/min    

frqm980c ground type air filling sealing machine
Product details

01.simple operation panel
Simplepanelsimple operation,heating bar temperature, the temperature can be seen to make your operation comfortable.built-in motor speed controller and print position controller,motor speed and print position separaner controllable, easy to adjust and easy to operate.

aluminum foil plastic sealing machine

02.sealing parts
H59 brass with bold widening heating block, high strength is not easy to deformation,corrosion resistance, more uniform heating and longer service life. Upper and lower ends of heating blocks cooling block all have thermal pads to prevent heat transfer to the body- cooling fan cooling blockheat fastermore stereotypes of more beautiful.

aluminum foil plastic sealing machine

03.filling nozzle
The gas is injected into the bag through the filling nozzle

plastic bags sealing machine date printing machine

04.conveyor table guard
Adopt stainless steel material without comer anti-knock damage,more humane, more secure-

05.integration of the motor & gearbox
Adopt the design principle of german integration will be high transmission efficiency, low noise, cooling fast, service life is 3-5 tim higher than similar products.

06.imported industrial nylon gear
Imported from the netherlands industrial nylon gear, smooth transmission, no noise, longer service life & wear. (if the nylon gear is damaged, it can be free replacement for lifetime.)

07.table can be adjusted
Up and down, front and back of the conveyor can be adjusted,it can be adjusted according to actual needs to improve work efficiency.

08.equipped with a height adjustable ground frame
Can adjust machine according to operation habit