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Small vacuum sealing machine operation

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Most people choose sealing machine can choose according to their own needs. For example, if you do not need to do a lot of packaging, will generally choose small vacuum sealing machine, sealing machine of this kind of price is generally around 300, of course, this kind of sealing machine use is more troublesome, DIY to machine exhaust can get a best effect. So, if the amount of your packing if a little large, it is best not to choose this kind of small sealing machine, but should choose to buy industrial use, the price is generally between 3000-3600, is not expensive, but this kind of sealing machine use very convenient.

The following is the general operation procedure of small vacuum sealing machine:

The first step: open;

The second step: pull on the gas nozzle;

The third step: the plastic muzzle gas nozzle;

The fourth step: press the cover on the left and right ends of the upper cover will be locked;

The fifth step: press the power switch of household vacuum sealing machine, vacuum pumping is started;

The sixth step: under vacuum;

The seventh step: when needed to reach the vacuum effect when pressed on the sealing strip, start;

The eighth step: after sealing, press the cover on the left and right ends of the upper cover automatically bounce;

The ninth step: open the small household vacuum sealing machine cover, molding packaging effect.


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