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carton sealer should pay attention to what matters in unpacking before

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Facing the rapid development of the logistics industry, all walks of life are relying on the logistics to complete the basic goods, the sealing machine products are no exception. Referring to the transport, the problem is that how to do damage during transport? So, we must pay attention in unpacking before:

1, appearance inspection. This is beyond doubt, but also obvious, as long as the naked eye can be resolved, if there is a problem should be the first time with the logistics and suppliers to communicate.

2, random parts inspection. Many people disagree with this, but it is important to say that this is very important. Many suppliers in the time of shipment will be random with some test machine with supplies, but some management is not very formal logistics often take advantage of transportation will it out, or their own use or for sale, resulting in the inconvenience between customer and supplier.

3, check the performance of the machine. This may not be possible before receiving the goods, then it is to receive the goods after the first time to carry out. The benefits of doing so, one can be resolved in a timely manner, the two is to prevent the drag for too long, can not determine what is the responsibility of the party.


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