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Aluminum frame sealing machine installation methods and precautions

Aluminum frame sealing machine installation methods and precautions

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First, the installation and operation method

Aluminum frame sealing machine, the use of electronic timer switch circuit, control the electric wire heating time and sealing plastic curing time, in order to achieve satisfactory sealing purposes.

1. Turn on the power Plug the power supply into the 220V power outlet, turn on the power switch of the sealing machine, the indicator light is off, indicating that the power is on.
2. Time adjustment plastic bag sealing plastic thickness according to the choice of a suitable heating time, the knob refers to the scale value is a relative value, the greater the value of the heating time from the long, therefore, the plastic bag thicker, requiring sealing time The longer, the opposite is shorter.
3. Plastic bag sealing position will be sealed plastic bag mouth on the heating wire, when the pressure on the plastic bag, the red light, said the power has been heated, when the seal reaches the time and curing time after the lamp out, then Release the platen.

Second, matters needing attention

1. When the plastic bag heating, the red light does not go out, never release on the plate, so as to avoid rupture of welded joints, affecting the results.
2. Plastic bag sealing machine, the bag should be taken from the left and right direction gradually lift, not allowed to pull from the front and rear direction.

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