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Vacuum packaging machine troubleshooting methods

Vacuum packaging machine troubleshooting methods

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In the process of using the vacuum packaging machine will encounter the following common problems: 1. Low vacuum 2. Large noise 3. Vacuum pump fuel injection 4. Vacuum pump oil leakage 5. Vacuum pump fumes large 6. Not heated 7. Heating is not Stop 8. Unfair sealing, tight or not sealed steel box deformation adjustment 9. While heating, while not heating 10. Pump does not turn vacuum 11. Cover does not work, etc.

1, pump oil pollution, too little or too little cleaning vacuum pump, replace the new vacuum pump oil; exhaust time is too short to extend the exhaust time; exhaust filter clogged to clean or replace the exhaust filter; leaks, after taking the time off Power supply, check the solenoid valve, fittings, vacuum pump suction valve and the surrounding gaskets have leaks.

2, vacuum pump coupling worn or broken replacement; exhaust filter clogged or installed in an improper position, cleaning or replacement exhaust filter and installed correctly; a leak check the solenoid valve is leak and exclusion.

3, the suction valve O-ring off Unplug the vacuum tube on the pump nozzle, remove the suction nozzle, remove the compression spring and suction valve, gently stretch O-ring several times, re-embedded in the groove, and then Installation can be; Rotary wear replacement rotary blade.

4, back to the valve plugging Remove the back to the valve, cleaning (see instructions); oil window loose oil, remove the oil window, wrapped with raw material tape or thin plastic film.
5, suction filter clogged or contaminated cleaning or replacement of exhaust filters; pump oil pollution replacement of new oil; back to the oil valve plug cleaning wash valve
6, the heating bar to replace the heating bar; heating time relay burned (boot that is light at the same time two lights, OMRON lamp color yellow), replace the time relay; heating wire to replace the heating wire blown and installed firmly; control the heating temperature band Switch bad contact, repair or replacement; control of the AC contactor heating is not reset repair (blowing with foreign bodies) or replace; heating transformer bad replacement
7, heating time relay contact bad or burn out, adjust the time relay and socket contact or replacement; control heating AC contactor does not reset repair or replacement
8, the heating time and the heating temperature is not adjusted to adjust to a good fit; heating cloth with attachments gently scrape the attachment with a fingernail; pressure solenoid valve does not move or replace the electromagnetic valve; balloon damage replace the balloon; Repair or replacement; no deflation Cooling time Relay bad (inside the electrical box) Replace the time relay; deflation valve circuit open circuit to find and connect good; deflation valve stuck or burned Remove or wash or replace
9, not heating the side of the bagging and heating device short-circuiting (usually with copper solder short-circuit) adjust the position of copper solder,
10, the studio does not cover the strict studio airtight; motor reversal (be careful not to change the ground, color line for the ground); insurance off (indicator light) to replace the same specifications insurance
11, there is no power to see whether the power supply; trip switch is not action to adjust the trip switch pad; fuse off (indicator light) to replace the same specifications frequent insurance burn short circuit to find and exclude; motor reversal time is too long Any two-phase power cord Exchange installation (except ground); Oil viscosity is too high Cleaning the pump and change the insurance box with a short circuit pad repair.
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