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Affect the life of the vacuum packaging machine configuration

Affect the life of the vacuum packaging machine configuration

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Vacuum pump vacuum packaging machine is the main work of the core components, vacuum packaging machine is the guarantee of quality and service life. Second, but also have the basic configuration, such as vacuum packaging machine material, vacuum packaging machine selected electrical parts, workmanship and so on.

Vacuum pump: most of the vacuum packaging machine vacuum pump used for the domestic pump to 20-type, such as more than 600 models available with joint venture vacuum pump, vacuum pump imports, etc., the standard vacuum pump used for the production of two and two More than 20 domestic vacuum pump. If the long-term continuous use of optional joint venture pump or import vacuum pump based, the other in the use of better quality vacuum pump but also to ensure the daily maintenance of the vacuum packaging machine, especially the vacuum pump does not work 300-500 hours to replace the vacuum pump oil , Reduce the work of a long time on the vacuum packaging machine wear and tear, improve the effect of vacuum packaging, extend the life of vacuum packaging machine.

Material: The current vacuum packaging machine material selection, stainless steel, stainless steel, 201 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel and other different types, if you continue to use the vacuum packing machine can 304 high-quality stainless steel, it may look outward Are the same but the price can be reflected in the cost of the equipment purchased, but also can not avoid some manufacturers opportunistic approach can be obtained in the hands of manufacturers of stainless steel inspection reports, reduce equipment procurement risk.

Vacuum packaging machine parts
Electrical accessories: vacuum packaging machine electrical parts and other equipment, the general import of equipment, why the long life, good quality, low failure rate, because they are used accessories are imported parts, the quality and use of accessories itself Cycle are superior to domestic parts, such as the long-term use of recommended brand accessories. Avoid continuous use of accessories aging, failure affect the production efficiency.

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