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How to solve the common failure of sealing machine

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When we use the sealing machine packaging, there are some common failures should be how to solve it? Sealing machine Xiaobian here to mention some common solutions,

First, the use of sealing machine clip nail action is too slow or clip nail stroke is not enough: the bolt loose, the front buckle or plate machine wear, this time the bolt can be tightened, pay attention to the correct position of the front buckle can also be replaced Front buckle or board machine inside the film, after completing the above action, test its function, if the action is slow down before fine-tuning the front buckle axis, if the stroke is too short, fine tuning front buckle shaft;

Second, the air outlet leakage: switch seat ring or switch valve ring damage or damage to the piston ring. Can replace the ring;

Third, the piston rod leak: the bottom of the main ring damage, this time should be replaced ring;

Fourth, the transmission ring can not be loosely positioned: steel and transmission springs inelastic, remove the plate machine combination, and the spring tip re-installed or replace the steel bars and drive springs.

Fifth, the trigger at the leak: switch valve ring or switch seat ring damage. Replacement ring;

Some people in the purchase of sealing machine, do not know the best time to buy the most expensive and most durable, I suggest to you.

Adopt the tape sealing tape carton sealing, fast economic, easy to adjust, can be completed once, the next sealing action, you can also use the printing tape, but also improve the product image, you can also use a common tape sealing machine, the most widely used , These are the first choice for automated packaging companies. The key part of the sealing machine is the drive motor. The bigger the motor power, the better.

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