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The structure and description of the sealing machine

The structure and description of the sealing machine

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Generally, the sealing machine is composed of a frame, a speed-reducing and speed-regulating transmission mechanism, a sealing and printing mechanism, a conveying device and an electrical and electronic control system.
When the power is turned on, each mechanism starts to work. After the electric heating element is energized, it heats up the upper and lower heating blocks sharply, and adjusts to the required temperature through the temperature control system. The imprinting wheel rotates, and the cooling system starts to cool as needed. And adjusted to the required speed by the speed regulating device.
When the package containing the items is placed on the conveyor belt, the sealing part of the bag is automatically sent between the two sealing belts in operation and brought into the heating zone. The heat of the heating block is transferred to the sealing part of the bag through the sealing belt. The film is heated and melted, and then passed through the cooling zone to make the surface temperature of the film drop appropriately, and then rolled by the knurling wheel (or printing wheel), so that the upper and lower plastic films of the sealing part are glued and pressed into a net pattern (or printed logo) ), and then the sealed packaging bag is sent out of the machine by the guiding rubber belt and the conveyor belt to complete the sealing operation.


The first step is to wear the film
When you get the film, you need to confirm the winding direction of the film, find out the counterclockwise direction, and place it on the film rod to fix it. (Please turn off the power when wearing the film)
Pay attention to whether the front and rear fixed splints of the glue film are tightly integrated with the glue film. If they cannot be tightly coupled, use a utility knife to cut the inside of the glue film paper tube at a bevel before inserting it.
After putting on the adhesive film, use the adhesive cloth to firmly stick the adhesive film on the receiving paper tube.
Portable chain sealing machine
The second step, sealing operation steps (panel operation instructions)
Turn on the power, turn on the power switch, the indicator light is on, set the thermostat to a predetermined temperature, and the green heating indicator light is on. When the upper heating plate reaches the predetermined temperature, the red constant temperature indicator light is on (when the sealing machine is working, the electric heating device is constantly alternating in the heating and holding state, so the green and red indicator lights are also displayed alternately, which is a normal phenomenon).
Put the plastic cup into the lower mold slide, push the lower mold slide to a certain position by hand (if it is a fully automatic sealing machine or automatic sealing machine, the lower mold slide will automatically enter after the plastic cup is placed), and press it down The handle of the sealing machine reaches the maximum stroke, keep the pressure for 1 to 2 seconds, then slowly raise the handle and push it to its original position.
Pull out the lower mold slide plate, take out the plastic cup, put in the end-sealing plastic cup, and perform another cycle.

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