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Performance characteristics of automatic packaging machine

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The automatic packaging machine has advanced design, reasonable structure and reliable performance. The automatic packaging machine uses double synchronous belts to pull the film, which is tensioned by a cylinder, automatic correction, automatic alarm protection, and minimize loss. The metering device is matched, integrating bag making, filling, filling, printing and counting. The metering device can be modified according to the material.
Basic Features

  1. Invention patent: A roll of film is automatically cut and translated into two packaging films on this machine, and two rows of items are automatically packaged at the same time. One machine has two production capacities, which occupies a small area, saves people and saves electricity.
  2. Touch screen control, simple operation, intuitive display, modular design of electrical appliances, and digital control.
  3. There are three driving modes: double frequency conversion, double servo, and three-axis servo. No mechanical gearbox, stable and reliable operation, low noise and high tracking accuracy.
  4. Adjust the front and rear position of the material: automatic or jog button adjustment.
  5. Material conveying width adjustment: One handle can adjust the conveying width of two rows at the same time.
  6. Two sets of modulating bag devices can be linked to adjust their height and width.
  7. There is a traction guide wheel in front of the longitudinal heat sealing wheel, and the traction guide angle can be adjusted during operation

Optional additional device

  1. Hot-melt date and batch number coding machine
  2. Various automatic feeding devices
  3. Folding device at both ends of the bag
  4. The bottom edge cutting device of the middle seal and the waste collection device
  5. Inflatable device
  6. Alcohol spray device
  7. Automatic film splicing device

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