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Common problems and solutions of sealing machine

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The first is a relatively simple problem. When the sealing machine is running and the speed is inconsistent, the back panel of the sealing machine can be dismantled. If there is slack or looseness in the connection between the motor gearbox and the shaft. If it falls off, re-fix the screws to make them fit together. If the problem cannot be solved, it may be because the main motor is operated by carbon brush contact. Therefore, if the wear is particularly serious, the sealer cannot work continuously if it is incompletely contacted with the slip ring or the friction is not good. The problem can be solved by replacing the carbon brush of the same model.

In addition, irregular marks or bubbles appear on the product seal, which are also common faults. Although it will not leak the inner packaging, it will affect the quality of the goods. This failure of the sealing machine may be because the equipment has been used for a long time. When the high temperature is high, plastic scraps or dust and other dirt will stick to it, which will cause high temperature failure Flatness, unevenness and other phenomena will cause uneven heating of the sealing area, and bubbles will appear after being pressed by the cold pressing wheel. At this time, the problem can be eliminated by replacing the high temperature belt or cleaning it. Sometimes the irregularly arranged uneven traces of the cold-pressed rubber wheel will also be reflected on the packaged goods. At this time, there will be many obvious marks on the seal. To ensure that the packaging is beautiful, the equipment needs to be replaced at this time.

When the sealing temperature cannot be adjusted according to actual needs, the equipment temperature cannot be controlled well. The fault is mainly manifested as the malfunction of the thermometer, the sealing part is easy to burn or the sealing is not strong, the sealing is easy to deform, and the effect is very ugly. The reason for this situation is that the thermometer is damaged and needs to be repaired. It may also be that the thermocouple is damaged, and the temperature cannot be sensed normally and then transmitted to the thermometer. At this time, the thermocouple needs to be replaced. If none of these can solve the problem, it is possible that the quality of the composite material itself is not good enough, and the heat-sealing coefficient changes caused by the different temperature.

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