desktop transistor air-cooling induction sealing machine LGYF-1500A-Ⅱ

desktop transistor air-cooling induction sealing machine LGYF-1500A-Ⅱ

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Product Description

Technical parameters

Model LGYF name: 1500A - Ⅱ - type transistor air-cooled desktop electromagnetic induction machine
Electrical source: AC220V±10%    50Hz
Reactive rate (W) : 1500
Current work more than eight  :≤8(A)
Work: continuous conveying
Cooling way: forced cooling fan
Type: desktop
Materials: stainless steel chassis
Sealing diameter: φ 20 - φ 50(mm)
Apply high: 40 ~ 200(mm)
Sealing speed: 0 ~ 10m/min
Host: 115 x 48 ×40(cm)
Host: 38kg 

Features and applicability of the:

This series of machine of transistor circuit control, the characteristics of low cost, simple operation, easy to use. Mainly used for bottle with threaded plastics, glass bottle of bottle etc. Nonmetal induction membrane sealing operation. Applicable to large and medium sealing job. Batch continuity, Not suitable for acid, alkalinity and high humidity and dust more harsh environments (such as pesticides. SAN, etc.) for a long time. These series machines are suitable for single homework, do not use in line connected.