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KUNBA vacuum packing machine uses 304 high quality stainless steel and achieves a material thickness of 3.2mm. The roll diameter can reach up to 200mm, reducing the frequency of film changes. The utility vacuum packing machine has the advantages of high vacuum degree, fast vacuum packaging speed, beautiful appearance, compact structure, high efficiency, simple operation and the use of the same size and the same machine. Kunba vacuum packing machine is made of all stainless steel and transparent plexiglass, making the packaging process clear at a glance, which is a wide range of vacuum packaging machines.

The Working Principle Of Vacuum Packing Machine

Automatically complete vacuuming, printing, sealing, cooling and exhausting, simple operation, stable and reliable performance, complete functions, good sealing effect, wider application range, and more convenient maintenance and repair.

customization available
220V, 110V
customized voltage
201, 304 stainless steel
raw material customization
Top Product
KB-20 KB-30 KB-40, based on more than 30 years of vacuum machine manufacturing experience and the Dutch engineering design team together to create a compact ergonomic vacuum laminating machine, the body R angle design does not hurt the aesthetics of strengthening the shell against torsional deformation, with a brake overhanging film roll frame design does not run film easy to clean roll diameter of up to 200mm to reduce the frequency of film change, sinking vacuum chamber does not hurt hands and does not leak, high power Teflon heating plate heating fast to reduce waiting time, automatic lid opening system so that the work is over at a glance!
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Reasons To Trust Kunba Vacuum Packaging Machines
Rounded Corner Design Treatment
Our design has a unique patented appearance. While ordinary vacuum packaging machines usually have a right angle appearance, KUNBA has adopted a more humane rounded angle design in its shape.
Double Insurance
Traditional vacuum packaging machines are prone to operating problems due to unstable voltage during use, KUNBA's strict circuit safety guarantees the perfect solution to voltage problems.
High-quality raw materials
KUNBA uses 304 high quality stainless steel and achieves a material thickness of 3.2mm, which is at the forefront of the industry in the control of raw materials.
Quality Control
KUNBA pays strict attention to the quality of its products and has registered a number of internationally certified trademarks, including the Madrid International Trademark.
Providing Cutting-Edge Vacuum Packaging Technology
24-hour salt spray test with
sea salt standard
The salt spray test is a standardized and popular corrosion test method, used to check corrosion resistance of materials and surface coatings.
KUNBA performs a 24-hour salt spray test on the machines before they are used in the factory to ensure high corrosion resistance and to extend the life of the machines.
24-hour vacuum
leak-proof test
Leakproofing of vacuum packaging is very important because it helps to maintain the quality and safety of the packaged products. If the vacuum packaging is not sealed, oxygen can enter the package and affect the quality.
KUNBA performs 24-hour vacuum leak-proof test on the produced products to prevent any leakage from the machine and to maintain the proper vacuum environment for the products.
Computer control board high
and low temperature test
The traditional machine temperature applicable test tends to ignore the hard condition test of the control board, making the machine's test data inaccurate.
KUNBA's vacuum packaging machine for intelligent computer control board factory high and low temperature testing, so that the life of the machine to grow, the conclusion of the data more in line with the actual situation.
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Wider Range Of Applications
1.The equipment can be widely used in food (bacon, native products, cooked food, dried meat, etc.), pharmaceuticals, electronics (semiconductors, circuit boards, electronic products, etc.), chemicals (solid, powder, paste, liquid, etc.) industry.
2.Applicable to the packaging of small items such as currency and financial documents, vouchers, etc., its performance in terms of quality, preservation and extended product shelf life is also outstanding.
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Food Processing
Food Processing
Non Food Industry
Kunba Provides Comprehensive And Professional Services
We offer OEM & ODM services to our customers, providing tailor-made pa- ckaging solutions according to the design requirements of our B-side cu- stomers, always aiming to improve product performance.
Spare Parts
One of the conditions for the efficient long-term use of your machines is having a reliable stock of critical spare parts. At KUNBA, we know our numerous parts lists inside and out and can guarantee fast and efficient management and reduced downtime.
Warranty Service
Our entire product warranty is one year, of which the sealing machine parts can support a 5-year warranty period, to ensure the stability of the use of the customer after the purchase of the machine, so that customers can rest assured to choose our products.
Warranty Service
KUNBA provides service, technical support and parts for your equipment. We have a dedicated team of service experts to provide 24/7 consulting support to improve the overall operational efficiency of your equipment.
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