Providing Cutting-Edge Vacuum Packaging Technology
KUNBA has been deeply involved in the field of vacuum packaging machines for many years and is the leader in the field of vacuum packaging machines in China. Equipped with the latest vacuum packaging technology, our machines are able to provide the right packaging solution for your specific application.
Thorough Testing Process Ensures Machine Quality
A thorough testing system eliminates errors before the machine is put into production, and KUNBA's vacuum packaging machines
employ a variety of safeguarded testing processes to protect your product from external factors.
24-hour salt spray test with sea salt standard
The salt spray test is a standardized and popular corrosion test method, used to check corrosion resistance of materials and surface coatings.
KUNBA performs a 24-hour salt spray test on the machines before they are used in the factory to ensure high corrosion resistance and to extend the life of the machines.
24-hour vacuum leak-proof test
Leakproofing of vacuum packaging is very important because it helps to maintain the quality and safety of the packaged products. If the vacuum packaging is not sealed, oxygen can enter the package and affect the quality.
KUNBA performs 24-hour vacuum leak-proof test on the produced products to prevent any leakage from the machine and to maintain the proper vacuum environment for the products.
Computer control board high and low temperature test
The traditional machine temperature applicable test tends to ignore the hard condition test of the control board, making the machine's test data inaccurate.
KUNBA's vacuum packaging machine for intelligent computer control board factory high and low temperature testing, so that the life of the machine to grow, the conclusion of the data more in line with the actual situation.
Control Systems At The Forefront Of Technology
The control system of KUNBA vacuum packaging machine is the key to obtain the best vacuum packaging effect, and the control system of KUNBA vacuum packaging machine has the most advanced technology in the world, which can bring you the best effect for your products.
Time Control
Sensor Control
Liquid Control
Control Panels
The Benefits Of Gas Addition For Vacuum Packaging
We are able to inject inert gas into the product during the packaging process to ensure the quality of the product and at the same time prevent deformation.
Increased Shelf Life
Protection Of Structure
Preservation Of Quality
Prevention Of Colouring
Unique Air Intake Mode
A special air intake port is designed to allow airflow in the vacuum chamber during package intake, and the vacuum vortex evenly distributes the gas outside the vacuum package, resulting in a more uniform bag air pressure and a more beautiful seal.
Protection for both products and vacuum bags
Applicable to a wide range of products
Vacuum Packing Machine
This series of packing machine has the advantages of high vacuum degree, fast vacuum packing speed, beautiful appearance, compact structure, high efficiency, simple operation, same size, same machine use, etc.
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