Automatic Induction Sealing Machine

Automatic Induction Sealing Machine

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Product Description

GLF-500 Automatic Induction Sealing Machine

Detail product description

1.High quality and factory price
2.Suitable for aluminum foil lap sealing
3.Easy to operate
4.Possess CE certificate

Technology parameter

Model: GLF-500
Voltage: 220V/50Hz; 110V/60Hz
Capacity: 12-30pcs/min
Sealing diameter: 20-100MM
Sealing Vessel height: height unlimited
Dimension: 340*290*150MM
Gross weight: 5KG


KUNBA series portable induction sealing machine is widely used for sealing compound film of plastic, aluminum foil, paper.Also,it has characteristic of small size, portable induction head, or site operation.Some special inspection we will also accept, if you interest our products contact us without hesitate