DC-B Weighing granule Packaging Machine

Name:Weighing granule Packaging Machine Number:DC-B Introduction: Used in f

Brand: KUNBA

Model: DC-B

FOB Port: Ningbo/Shanghai

Terms of Payment: T/T

Update: 07/12/2018

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Product Description

Name:Weighing granule Packaging Machine  

Used in food, hardware, salt, MSG, chicken, rice seeds, pesticides, fertilizers, veterinary medicine, feed premix, additives, detergent powder, and other granular, powder quantitative packaging materials.

High precision, digital sensors measuring instantaneous to realize that,
Robert microcomputer control system, advanced technology, simple operation, use more reliable,
Vibrates the feeding speed, high precision, automatic error correction,
Double says / 4 say, work, fast packaging alternately,
Part contacting materials, stainless steel, anti-corrosion, easy cleaning dustproof,
Robert compatibility strong, easy to use with other packing equipments,
The model for intelligent, automatic weighing and quantitative packing machine has double says, four says, microcomputer control.

Technical parameters:

Model DC - B2 DC - B4
Electronic scales quantity Two electronic scale Four electronic scale
Packing specification 50-5000 g
Packing speed 1200-2000 bags/hour 1800-2500 bags/hour
Accuracy level 1.0级
Voltage power AC220V 300W AC220V 500W
Weight 100Kg 180KG
Size 600×600×1850mm 1200×600×1900mm
Container Aluminum foil bag packing container bag, paper, plastic bags, jar, etc

 DC-B2 Two electronic scale

DC-B4 Four electronic scale

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