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Vacuum packing machine

Established in 1987 by Mr. Zhu Hua,Wenzhou Huaqiao Packing Machine Factory, the owner of KUNBA brand, is a professional manufacturer of vacuum packers, sealing machines for bags, carton sealers, cup sealer, thermal shrink tunnel machine, strapping machine, filling machine and date printer.Our equipment for production include 2 Laser cutting machines, 2 CNC punching machines, 1 CNC shearing machine, 3 bending machines, 6 CNC lathe machines and 3 Grinding machines etc..


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The 125th Canton Fair

Date:April 15th. -19th.,2019 Booth No.: 1.1E08-09 Exhibition address: China Import and Export Complex, Established In 1987, Top-tier Manufacturer Of Vacuum Sealer Machine, Reasonable Prices Reliable, We Look Forward To Your Visiting

Vacuum Packaging Machine Routine Maintenance

Whether it is machine maintenance or selection, understand the main parameters of the product, ask our customer service for more about vacuum packaging machines! First, the choice of vacuum packaging machine 1. At present, the food vacuum packaging machine on the market has the difference between carbon steel and stainless steel. Generally, it is made of carbon steel. Because of cost saving and low price, there are fewer manufacturers using stainless steel because the cost of stainless steel is high, but stainless steel. It is not easy to rust and is not easy to corrode. The Dajiang vacuum packaging machine is made of 304 stainless steel.