Open carton sealing bottom machine FJ-4035

Open carton sealing bottom machine FJ-4035

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Product Description

It’s a good kind of machine that can finish the work;carton openging,shapping,folding and sealing the bottom of the canron at aheat.As it’s very easy to adjust the size of the cartons anytime.Standard products and spare parts can be supplied anytime.

Technology Parameters

Model FJ-4035
Power Supply AC 220-380V/60-50HZ
Power Consumption 240W
Conveying speed 60-720(ctns/hr)
Adhesive tape size 开箱封底
Adhesive Tape Width 48-60mm
Packing Length <450mm
Pneumatic 5~6kg/cm² 150Ne/min
Shipment Dimension 2200×2100×1400mm
Gross Weight 约420kg