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Kunba Carton Sealing Machine

As the leading company in packing machine industrial in China, we have achieved the fame by making excellent semi-automatic strapping machine.

The Working Principle Of Sealing Machine

1.Carton sealing machine is affixed to the tape sealed cardboard box seal, fast and easy to adjust the economy, can be completed on a up and down sealing action, adopt the printing tape, but also improve product image.
2.The key part of the sealing machine is the drive motor, the larger the motor power is better. Light and durable. easy to operate.

* 220V, 110V customized voltage

220V, 110V
customized voltage
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Left-right driven carton sealer(side) FJ-4550S

Bottom carton sealer driven FJ-50

Kunba Provides Comprehensive And Professional Services
We offer OEM & ODM services to our customers, providing tailor-made pa- ckaging solutions according to the design requirements of our B-side cu- stomers, always aiming to improve product performance.
Spare Parts
One of the conditions for the efficient long-term use of your machines is having a reliable stock of critical spare parts. At KUNBA, we know our numerous parts lists inside and out and can guarantee fast and efficient management and reduced downtime.
Warranty Service
Our entire product warranty is one year, of which the sealing machine parts can support a 5-year warranty period, to ensure the stability of the use of the customer after the purchase of the machine, so that customers can rest assured to choose our products.
Warranty Service
KUNBA provides service, technical support and parts for your equipment. We have a dedicated team of service experts to provide 24/7 consulting support to improve the overall operational efficiency of your equipment.
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