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SOP810 Touch Screen Inkjet Printer

SOP810 Touch Screen Inkjet Printer
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Product Description

One key switch
Self-cleaning nozzle
Fully enclosed integral design of nozzle (all-round printing)
SD Card/ USB data information input
10.4-inch color touch screen
Vivid image-text menu
What you see is what you get

Size: 400x290x515mm
Weight: 27kg
Header of nozzle: 3 m
Voltage: 110/220 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Temperature: -1 0℃~45℃
Humidity: 1 0 - 95% (non-condensing)
304 stainless steel case;
Level of protection: IP55
Jet printing lines:1-4
Printing points:5x5 5x7 7x9 6x12 8x16 12x16 11x24 16x32 self prepare the dot matrix information when there are less than32 dotmatrixes
Printing speed:3 m/s (5x7)
Operation interface:color touch screen, Chinese-English menu
Information storage:unlimited storing of printing information
Printing content:date, time, auto date, auto period of validity, class number, batch number, serial number, four groups of counters, meter counting, self-prepared patterns, variable bar code, anti-counterfeit code, multiple languages, multiple fonts  (suppo rt  personal  signatu re)
Printing length:1024 characters
Chinese input:pinyin input method, zone bit code input method
Printing ink:black, blue, red and other colors of ink
Printing height of characters:1- 15mm (adjustable)
Printing distance:0 - 30mm (adjustable)
Character widening:1- 9 times, widening of one single character is available
Character direction:normal character, reversed character, inversed reversed character, the printing direction can be set:independently for a single character
Character distance:1 - 8 times, freely edition point by point is available

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