Shrink Wrapping Machine

Shrink Wrapping Machine

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Product Description

FL-5045T semi automatic heat shrink packaging machine

Product Description:

1.High quality and factory price

2. Easy to operate
3. Profession in packager machine 
4. Possess CE certificate

Technology parameters
Model: FL-5045T
Voltage: AC220-240V/50Hz
Powder: 1.2kW
Max. Packing Efficiency: C500-350mm
Working Efficiency: 800-100/h
Pack Size:L1400*W700*H1000mm
Gross Weight:110KG

What can I cutting fill and sealing?

The machine suitable for automatically filling and sealing plastic cup and box ,used for packing drink, yogurt, jelly, pudding, soya-milk, mineral water etc.

This kind of machine is made of steel and stainless steel with simple construction and easy to operate.