Semi-automatic Bottle Capping Machine

Semi-automatic Bottle Capping Machine

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SK-40 Semi-automatic Bottle Capping Machine

This machine owns the funetions of sealing of all kinds of metal and plastic cap and pressing of thvead and cravn cap. It fit for all sorts of plastic bottle. Glass bottle. Ceramic bottle and polyeter bottle.It is necessary production epuipmet. For the manufa-cturer who produce the drink.wine.chemical products and drug and so.

Model SK-40A SK-40B
Power supply 110V 220V / 50-60Hz
Power 0.37KW 0.37KW
Fore shaft range 20-40mm 15-46mm
Seakubg width 10-35mm 7-45mm
Suitable bottle height 100-300mm 100-320mm
Work efficiency 1200times/h 1200times/h
Machine size 580×280×1080mm 580×280×1080mm
Machine weight 50kg 51kg