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Intelligent Double Temperature Control Counting Sealing Machine SMT-150

Intelligent Double Temperature Control Counting Sealing Machine SMT-150
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Product Description

Core control panel

Digital upper and lower partition temperature control patch, intelligent control panel of PC version

It adopts the control panel design of the last century and low-quality temperature control meter and switch


Core motor components

Pure copper 60W large motor (26m / min)

Non copper fake 80W small motor (14m per minute)


Electricity safety

National standard copper electric wire

Non standard aluminum electric wire


Electricity safety

Safty air circuit breaker

No safty air circuit breaker


Machining accuracy comparison

High precision CNC machining design fits perfectly

Rough processing belt caton


Materials and process

Pure refined copper heating block

Copper plated variable heating block


Materials and process

Pure refined copper heat sink

Low heat dissipation efficiency of copper-plated heat sink


Materials and process

304 stainless steel and anti rust treatment are used for adjusting screws

No rust prevention and use the ordinary screws


Materials and process

Stainless steel storage table

Spray painted and easily scraped storage table


Materials and process

Laser cutting thickened antirust base plate

Stamping thin base plate without rust prevention


Materials and process

Aviation aluminum CNC processing wheel

Plastic wheels are used


Materials and proces

Aviation aluminum hollow weight reduction design driving wheel

Rough manufacturing process without weight reduction driving wheel


Materials and process

Ergonomic grip

No ergonomic grip


Materials and process

High strength thickness integrated molding

Stamping forming


Materials and process

New material thickened conveyor belt

Waste material thickened conveyor belt


Materials and process

Quick detachable rear cover

Rear cover uses low-cost screws

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