Pneumatic big plastic bag sealing machine

Pneumatic big plastic bag sealing machine

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Pneumatic big plastic bag sealing machine QLF700A


QLF700A pneumatic sealer is suitable for sealing various plastic film bags and Al-plastic compound bags with maximal sealing length of 700mm and maximal loading of 50kg. It adopts compressed air as motive power with adjustable sealing pressure and reliable sealing quality. The sealing operation can be controlled by manual or by foot stamping. For thicker bag, this machine can be used in the fields of chemical industry, foodstuff, and forage.


Model QLF700A
Voltage 110V/220V 50-60HZ
Power 2000W
Working speed 2-10time/min.
Sealing width 8-10mm
Temp.range 0-300℃
Max.loading 50KGS
Printing type Hot code printing
Machine weight 100KGS
Machine size 720*560*1340mm