Automatic sealing machine functions and advantages

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Automatic sealing machines play an important role in the modern manufacturing and packaging industry through their advantages of high efficiency, high quality sealing, cost reduction, versatility, simplified operation, improved safety and hygiene requirements, intelligence and flexibility, and extended freshness retention time.


Main Functions

Automatic sealing: The automatic sealing machine can automatically complete the sealing process of all kinds of cartons and plastic bags to ensure the sealing of packaging containers.
Heating sealing: realize stronger sealing effect by heating, suitable for materials that need high temperature treatment.
Multifunctionality: some automatic sealing machines have multifunctionality, such as aseptic tube sealing, disposable process bag sealing, etc., which can meet different production requirements.
Intelligent operation: modern automatic sealing machines are equipped with intelligent operating system with functions such as fault alarm, overpressure alarm, lack of material alarm, etc., which improves the safety and stability of the equipment.
Manual intervention: under special circumstances, the automatic sealing machine can pause operation for manual intervention to ensure sealing quality.


Advantages of Kunba Sealing Machine

  • 1. Reasonable planning: Active induction conditioning carton standard, active folding carton cover, take the initiative to paste tape, smooth, fast; Simple operation, easy to repair, more stable function.
  • 2. Excellent quality: fully automatic folding sealing machine safe and reliable, with the world's high-quality. Parts after aging test to ensure that every detail more stable.
  • 3. Easy to operate: Horizontal Continuous Sealing Machine according to different carton standards, take the initiative to regulate the width and height. Convenient, rapid, simple, without manual conditioning.
  • 4. Safe packaging: sophisticated use of mechanical features, structural planning closely, the work process without vibration, stable and reliable work; Equipped with blade guard to prevent accidental stabbing operation, production more secure, more efficient packaging.
  • 5. The effect is beautiful: the choice of paste tape carton sealing, sealing the role of flat, standard, beautiful; also be able to choose the printing tape, but also improve the image of the goods, is the first choice of active packaging company;
  • 6. The use of a wide range of suitable for the same period of a variety of standard carton flap cover. Has been widely used in food, medicine, beverages, tobacco, Japan, cars, cables, electronics and other industries, are exported to overseas countries.

Automatic sealing machine plays an important role in modern manufacturing industry with its high efficiency, reliability and intelligence. By improving production efficiency, ensuring product quality and reducing production costs, automatic sealing machine brings significant economic and social benefits to enterprises.


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