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Single Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine DZ-260

Single Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine DZ-260
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Single Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine

Single Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine

DZ-260/PD desktop vacuum machine adopts microcomputer control ‌‌, with vacuum, sealing, cooling once completed function, different packaging materials and different packaging requirements, the machine vacuum, heat sealing temperature, heat sealing time, etc. Adjust equipment for better packaging results. It is currently an ideal small vacuum inflatable packaging machine. The vacuum machine is made of all stainless steel and transparent plexiglass, making the packaging process clear at a glance. The utility model has the advantages of high vacuum degree, fast vacuum packaging speed, beautiful appearance, compact structure, high efficiency, simple operation and the use of the same size and the same machine. It is a wide range of vacuum packaging machines.

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Technical characteristics:

Small size, low power consumption and short pumping time. The product packaged by DZ-260/PD desktop vacuum machine can prevent moisture and mildew and prolong the storage period.

Scope of application:

The DZ-260/PD desktop vacuum machine is suitable for the packaging of small items, and is also suitable for vacuum packaging of currency and financial documents, documents and other information.

technical parameter:

model DZ-260
ultimate vacuum 0.05hpa
vacuum chamber depth 50mm
power supply 220v/50hz
pump capacity 10m3/h
machine size 502x330x380mm
motor powerheat sealing power 0.18kw
sealing length 260mm
shipment dimension 590x405x450mm
Heat sealing power 0.15kw
sealing width 5mm
N.W./G.W 37.2kg/46kg
Machine cycle 20-40 sec


KUNBA DZ-260 series single chamber vacuum packing machine 

Control panel for vacuum packaging machine

Control panel



Durable electric units

OEM customizable


Vacuum chamber

3mm thickness

304 stainless steel

Formed by mould

Easy for clean


Plexiglass lid

Hings absorb shocks

Long life

Easy for clean

single chamber automatic vacuum sealer

Featured housing

not easily deform


safty for operator





Single Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine DZ-260

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