What are the Different Types of Bag Sealers?

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Heat sealer is one of the indispensable equipment in the packaging process, heat sealer can securely seal the bag and protect the product inside from external elements.


What are the common bag sealing machines?


1. Handheld bag sealers

These portable sealers are compact and lightweight. They use heat to seal the bag, usually by pinching and heating the opening of the bag to seal.


Where is the hand-held bag sealers used?

Handheld bag sealers are great for sealing small bags or for occasional use.



2. Impulse sealers

Impulse sealers, also known as thermal impulse sealers, employ heating elements that heat only when the seal begins. After heating, the impulse sealers quickly applies pressure to the bag, creating an airtight seal.


Where are impulse sealers used?

Versatile and flexible impulse sealer for sealing polyethylene and polypropylene bags.



3. Continuous band sealers

Continuous band sealers use a continuous sealing tape or tape to create a seal along the opening of the bag. Continuous band sealers are often used in high-volume production because they can seal bags quickly.


Where is the Continuous band sealers used?

Continuous band sealers are suitable for sealing a variety of materials including plastic bags, foil bags and laminated bags.



4. Vacuum sealer

Vacuum sealers are designed to remove air from bags before sealing to preserve freshness and extend the shelf life of perishable items. Vacuum sealers work by using a vacuum pump to pull the air out of the bag, then heat to seal it.


Where is the vacuum sealer used?

Vacuum sealers are commonly used in food packaging.



5. Foot-operated sealers

These sealers are foot pedal operated, allowing hands-free handling of bags.


Where is the Foot-operated sealers used?

Foot-operated sealers are ideal for sealing larger bags or applications that require frequent sealing.



6. Hot Rod Sealer

A heat rod sealer uses a heated rod or plate to seal bags. Place the bag between the heating elements and apply pressure to create a seal.


Where is the Hot bar sealers used?

Hot bar sealers are typically used to seal thick or heavy bags, such as those made of mylar or other thicker materials.


What factors should be considered when choosing a bag sealing machine?

When choosing a bag sealer, it is important to consider the type of bags that need to be sealed, how often they will be used, and the quality of the seal required.

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