Why is My Vacuum Sealer Not Vacuuming?

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Why is my vacuum sealer not vacuum sealing?

There can be several reasons why your vacuum sealer is not picking up properly. Here are some common troubleshooting steps you can try:


1. Check the sealing strip
Check the seal on the food vacuum sealer to make sure it is not dirty or cracked or torn.
If the seal is dirty or damaged, it may not be able to form a proper seal. Clean or replace the seal if necessary.


2. Check the bag
(1) Make sure the vacuum bag you are using is compatible with the vacuum sealer, some vacuum sealers may require a specific type of bag.
(2) Make sure the bag is not damaged or punctured, which would prevent proper vacuuming.
(3) Make sure the bag is placed flat in the vacuum sealer without wrinkles or folds.


3. Check the vacuum channel
Sometimes there are obstructions in the vacuum passages that affect proper vacuuming, such as some food debris or liquids that can clog the passages and hinder the vacuum process. Thoroughly clean the vacuum sealer if necessary.


4. Check the vacuum pump
The vacuum pump inside the vacuum sealer may be faulty, if your vacuum sealer has a detachable vacuum pump, make sure it is securely connected and functioning properly.


5. Check the power supply
Make sure the vacuum sealer is plugged into a power source, and if the vacuum sealer is battery powered, make sure the batteries are charged or replaced as needed.


Note: Vacuum suction steps may vary for different vacuum sealers, please refer to the manufacturer's user manual for proper troubleshooting. If the vacuum sealer still does not work, it is recommended to contact the manufacturer or seek professional help for further assistance or repairs.

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