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Rolling vacuum packing machine operation and Maintenance Notes

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In the use of the rolling vacuum packaging machine to pay attention to the late period of maintenance and maintenance, the operation of some of the matters should also pay attention to, mainly as follows

1, rolling vacuum packing machine solenoid valve should be removed every 6 months to clean, the method is as follows:

A, the rolling vacuum packaging machine needs to close the power supply, and then remove the solenoid valve.

B, scroll vacuum packing machine in open the electromagnetic valve, the seat, a coil, a valve body, a valve core and a spring into the oil / kerosene, clean (fire).

C, rolling vacuum packaging machine needs to dry the parts, according to the assembly sequence installed (the core installation should be coated with a small amount of lubricant).

D, rolling vacuum packaging machine to do the test, if the valve has a strong vibration or a strange cry, you should remove the valve body will turn a certain angle until no noise so far.

2, rolling vacuum packaging machine in the work of 30 days or so to deal with connecting rod, sliding block, bearing, chain, gear, etc.. The transmission oil level is low, should be added to 20# oil, the rotating and sliding parts with 20# oil or butter.

3, rolling vacuum packaging machine should be kept clean and sanitary, no oil, especially the heating strip and the surface of the silica gel, must not adhere to any foreign body, so as not to affect the quality of sealing and service life.

4, rolling vacuum packaging machine sealing silicone (belt) position and a heating rod stop with silica gel sealing strip between the height, in equipment factory has been proofread debugging, but in use (or transport) process, due to the operation of each component wear (bumps) and other reasons may cause certain deviation, at this time the need for timely adjustments as necessary to the. Its standards and methods are as follows:

A, rolling vacuum packing machine sealing silicone strip, in each step (working cycle), the stop position should be aligned with the heating rod on the studio, on the right, on the flat.

The height of B, heating rod and sealing silicone strip shall be 7-10mm. If the gap is too large or too small, can be adjusted by the guide pillar pressure spring adjustment screw.

5. The adjustment of the conveyor belt braking of the rolling vacuum packaging machine. The use of imported positioning device, so that the seal on the conveyor belt and the heating bar in the studio will not be the case of dislocation and sealing. Using the import locator can make the sealing of the packing bag on the sealing rubber strip or a straight line does not appear the deviation.

6, rolling vacuum packaging machine should be at the temperature -60 C -5 C, the relative humidity is not more than 85%, no dangerous and harmful gas in the surrounding air, no dust flying, all safe explosive dangerous goods environment.

7, a rolling machine, vacuum packaging should regularly check the vacuum pump oil level and keep the oil level in the oil window 2 / 3 position; vacuum pump should adopt special import vacuum pump oil.

8, rolling machine, vacuum packaging just to observe to pump oil into black or milky white; there is droplets or viscosity increases, then the proof of the oil that has been contaminated, should be replaced immediately vacuum pump oil in the oil. Under normal circumstances, every 1500-2000 hours with a change of vacuum pump oil, replace the re check the oil level.

9, rolling machine, vacuum packaging before replacing the vacuum pump oil, shall first make the vacuum pump running for 15-30 minutes, until the oil temperature rise stop running, cut off the power supply. Unscrew the gas cap, open the oil drain bolt, put the oil into the drain, screw on the oil drain bolt, point to move the vacuum pump, make it run 5-10 seconds, open the oil drain bolt, put oil again. Then, tighten the drain bolt, adding new vacuum pump oil to the required height, tighten the fuel cap. If the pump oil pollution is serious, then fill the new oil in accordance with the above method, and then repeat the operation until the pump clean so far. Vacuum pump for a long time, should be cleaned and filled with new oil storage.

10, rolling vacuum packaging machine vacuum pump maintenance and repair, use, pay attention to the details of the vacuum pump specification.

11, rolling vacuum packaging machine in the work or the handling process, is strictly prohibited to shock or impact, especially instruments, switches, etc..


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