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Preparation for the use of household vacuum packaging sealing machine

Preparation for the use of household vacuum packaging sealing machine

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Small vacuum packaging and sealing machines are often used in the home, before the use of the need to do the following preparation:

1, small household vacuum sealing machine placed smoothly, check the lid is smooth, whether automatic jump let go.

2, equipped with the power to adapt to the requirements of the model.

3, check the vacuum packing machine vacuum pump oil surface position is correct, if not correct (see vacuum pump using manual).

4, the machine is a good grounding.

5, turn on the power, turn on the power switch, close cover, check whether the operation of the vacuum pump is normal.

Adjust the use of small vacuum packaging sealing machine:

1, the choice of vacuum degree

Small household vacuum sealing machine pumping time, digital display, continuously adjustable, small household vacuum packing machine pumping time for digital rotary 0-30 seconds adjustable. Adjust the length of the pumping time to achieve the desired degree of vacuum.

2, select the heating temperature

According to the material selection of the packing bag, the heating temperature is selected, and the heating temperature knob is adjusted to the corresponding position.

3, adjust the heating time

Heating time, digital display, continuously adjustable, according to the packaging materials and heating temperature, adjust the heating time knob, select the appropriate heating time.

4, according to the need to select the silicone rubber seal of the word, set the date of sealing and other characters.


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