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Instructions for starting temperature of sealing machine

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Under normal conditions, the temperature of the sealing machine is set, generally divided into low-temperature seal set, the temperature value of 120 degrees Celsius, the temperature set temperature, the temperature value of 180. But these two temperature values are not fixed, and can be adjusted.

High temperature setting: commonly used high temperature packaging bag, generally is refers to the high temperature steam sterilization with EO sterilization packaging bag, set temperature, according to the thickness of the dialysis paper (commonly used for 60g, 70g, 80g) and origin (for example: China, France, Sweden, UK) can of floating, according to field test card paper plastic bag test results, high temperature is still low.

Low temperature setting: commonly used in low temperature packaging bag, generally is refers to the low temperature plasma H2O2 packing bag, set temperature, according to the Wei strong (Tyvek) of different types is also slightly different, commonly used for 1059B 1073B were medical grade Tyvek, according to low temperature in-situ test card test results, the temperature is high or low, half 1059B slightly thin, need at a slightly lower temperature, 1073B slightly thick, the required temperature is slightly higher.


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