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Common breakdown phenomenon and elimination method of sealing machine

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Sealing machine often occurs below these failures:

Fault one: the cup can not be sealed or sealed

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A foreign body or deformation of 1, the cup; 2, the mould plate is 3, a lack of temperature or contamination; more than 4 sets of different diameter, cup;

Corresponding elimination method:

1, the cup is clean or replace the cup; 2, remove the plastic film will be set to semi-automatic machine, button; 3, re adjust the set temperature or replace the temperature sensor; 4, replace the cup set.

Fault two: sealing glue film has been transferred

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1, electric eye sticky dust; 2, electric eye strength is too strong or too weak; 3, the film is not in the magic eye type U groove

Corresponding elimination method:

1, with a dry cloth 2 electric eye; adjust the electric eye counterclockwise, clockwise photosensitive photosensitive weak; 3, the film in the U slot type electric eye

Fault three: plug in the power panel indicator does not light

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1, power cord loose off; 2, circuit board damage

Corresponding elimination method:

1, the electric eye liner and socket connection is good; 2, the replacement of the circuit board

Fault four: plastic film pattern dislocation

Check the contents: 1, according to the electric eye glue pattern; 2, electric eye strength is too strong or too weak; 3, too much waste forms

Corresponding elimination method:

1, adjust the film position; 2, adjust the intensity of electric eye degree; 3, demolition waste mould


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