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Maintenance of common fault sealing machine

Maintenance of common fault sealing machine

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The main function of sealing machine is used for sealing tape, need to install can work in sealing machine will often encounter some problems, mainly what?

The following small series and detailed introduction to the most common failure of the box:

1, the tape can not be cut off, this situation may be due to the sharp blade is not sharp enough to plug, just replace the new blade can be.

2, tape cut after trailing, that is not completely cut off the tape, with the first point method for solving the same.

3, adhesive tape can not fully adhesive box, there may be a quality of the tape is not clearance, there is a case of the closure of the machine can not work properly spring relaxation, only need to replace the spring can be resolved.

4, the working process of the box was stuck, the reason may be too tight or box height size and sealing machine is not suitable for, need to be adjusted to the appropriate height.

5, sealing process, the tape is easy to disconnect, which may be caused by a long blade.


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