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Food vacuum packaging machine how to use

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Food vacuum packaging machine can help people solve food safety problems, to bring advanced technology into the vacuum food packaging, through the improvement of the degree of vacuum bag packaging to extend shelf life. Vacuum packaging machine operating time is relatively short, easy to understand, the level of automation are constantly improving the operation, just after a simple guide to complete the entire workflow.

Vacuum packaging machine working steps are: power equipment, the packaging items placed in a vacuum chamber, heat sealing, etc. These processes.

1, connected to electrical power. The power supply of the vacuum packaging machine requirements, mobilization of relevant power select switch, when the switch point vacuum is a vacuum sealing process, when the point of filling the vacuum that is filling the vacuum sealing process.

2, the packaging of food loaded into the vacuum chamber, evacuated package. Close the lid of the vacuum chamber after the operator panel indicator lights, vacuum pump will be based on pre-set degree of vacuum, vacuum after the end of the process to achieve the set value, the light goes out, and then into the seal ( inflatable) stage.

3, inflatable bags, etc. after the end of the heat-seal packaging items, you need to pay attention is to use a special packaging materials. Heat seal time set in advance, when reached after working hours lights went out, the end of the heat seal work. Heat sealing process can not only make a better seal bags, but also the thermal conductivity can be sterilized. The last step is to wait for the next vacuum after cooling, cooling set lights went out, the end of the heat seal work. Heat sealing process can not only better sealed bags, thermal conductivity and can be sterilized. The last step is to vacuum cooling, cooling The cooling digital setting.

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