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The difference between vacuum packaging machine and ordinary packaging machine

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First of all, the goal of the vacuum packaging machine and the rest of the packaging machine are different. The vacuum packaging machine focuses on the shelf life of the deoxidized product. For example, many microorganisms keep their lives through oxygen. The usual packaging machine can not remove oxygen to extend the shelf life. However, our vacuum packaging can remove the oxygen inside the package by vacuuming to prevent the inspection and reproduction of unhelpful microorganisms. Long food shelf life.

And the vacuum packaging sealing temperature is high enough, most of the unhelpful microbes need water and oxygen, vacuum packaging may be separated by these two, so that the microbes in the food can not be observed and propagated, thus lengthening the food shelf life is secondary, that is, after deoxygenation Preventing food oxidation, because many oily foods contain insufficient scavenging and fatty acids, which are oxidized by the action of oxygen, which can also cause food to taste and deteriorate. In addition, oxidation also causes vitamin A and C to lose money. The quality of the product was greatly reduced.

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