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Working principle, faults and solutions of automatic strapping machine

Working principle, faults and solutions of automatic strapping machine

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working principle:

When the start switch is pressed, the main motor starts, and the main motor drives the electric heating unit cam group, the tension cam and the three cam pieces on the side of the reducer to start moving. Among them, the three cam pieces correspond to A, B, C (C, B, A from the left side of the reducer) are three induction switches, and their function is to control the position of each part of the electric heating unit and the entire movement of binding. Among them, the limit switch B controls the unwinding and the second tightening of the shrinking arm during the strapping process. When the cam plate is in contact with the induction switch B, the electric heating unit is stopped and the forward and retreat motor starts to tighten the strapping and unwinding, and the upper top knife rises to the top, so that the middle top knife at the bottom of the skateboard bears against the strapping belt and cuts the strapping belt At the same time, the belt guide device moves backward and the left belt tongue i] is fully opened. When the cam piece is in contact with the limit switch C, the forward and retreat belt motor is started to enter the strapping belt into the belt path and the bow frame. If the belt storage box has a small balance bar, the balance bar will be lifted, and the induction switch at the base of the balance bar will light up, and the belt feed motor of the storage box will be started. The function of the limit switch A is to control the machine from the beginning to the end of the strapping process. When the cam plate contacts it, the main motor stops running and the electromagnetic clutch starts. At the same time, the forward and backward belt motor and the storage box motor also stop running.

Failure and handling:

Malfunction the reason Solution
Cassette When the belt is stuck in the middle of the roller, or there is a foreign object that cannot be removed Loosen the two M5 cassette countersunk screws on the middle connecting shaft and remove the connecting shaft,
Pick up the upper wheel and remove the jam
Do not cut the tape after tightening The elastic adjustment is too tight;
Cutter wear
Adjust the tension dial to loosen the tension;
Replace the cutter
Do not bring Do not cut the tape after tightening;
Incorrect wear;
The belt of the feed motor is damaged or
The fixing screw of the pulley is loose;
Replace the pulley and tighten the fixing screws;
Bad bonding of strapping Displacement of the belt groove;
The electric heating head is broken;
The temperature of the heating head is too high or too low;
Re-adjust the belt groove;
Replace the electric heating head;
Correctly adjust the temperature of the heating head;

The above is the working principle of the automatic strapping machine, faults and solutions.

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