Automatic sealing machine features and functions

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Automatic sealing machines are versatile and efficient tools used across various industries for packaging purposes. Here are the key features and functions typically found in these machines:

Automatic sealing machine features

1. Sealing machine made with screw and chain synchronous adjustment of both width and width.

2. Selection of imported sealing machine parts new patented tape dispenser, blower blower without blowing tape, the use of patented tabletting equipment, the tape will not bend down to form a paste can not, sealing packing convenient.

3. The width of the belt planning catch is very good. Buttoning the convergence plan, there will be no situation of degumming cracking, sealing machine use to replace the belt is very simple and convenient.

4. sealing tape manufacturers large independent design of the transmission wheel, increase the curvature of the arc, add the belt touch area, the belt will not slippery, and the use of life add, sealing machine technology is very mature. Professional Sealing Machine The main drive organization using special Pei Lin seat high precision, low noise, add the belt service life.

5. The length of the folded tape on both ends of the carton can be adjusted.

6. Sealing machine factory planning no tape alarm series, open the door take the initiative to stop equipment, to ensure the safety of maintenance. Automatic sealing machine workflow

Automatic sealing machine function

Automatic sealing machine is mainly applied to carton sealing and packaging, either stand-alone work, but also with the use of assembly line, widely used in household appliances, textiles, food, department stores, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and other occupations. Sealing machine selection of tape on the carton sealing, rapid economic, simple adjustment, once the end, the initiative sealing action, such as the choice of printing tape, but also improve the product image.


Overall, automatic sealing machines offer a range of features and functions that contribute to increased efficiency, productivity, and quality in the packaging process.

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