Double charmber Vacuum Packing Machine DZ-500/2SB

Double charmber Vacuum Packing Machine DZ-500/2SB

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Product Description

Power supply: 3-phase 220V/60Hz 380V/50-60Hz

Technology Parameters

Power Supply AC380V/50Hz 220V/60Hz
Power Consumption 0.75Kwx2
Heat Sealing Power 0.9Kw
Ultimate Vacuum 0.1hPa(mbar)
Pump Capacity 20m3/hx2
/Sealing Length 490mm
Sealing Width 10mm
Shipment Dimension 1340x740x1020mm
N.W&G.W 182Kg/232Kg

Efficiency of pump:
a) DZ400/2SB: 20cbm/hour
b) DZ500/2SB: 2 x 20cbm/hour
c) DZ600/2SB: 40cbm/hour
d) DZ700/2SB: 63cbm/hour

Vacuum chamber size:
a) DZ400/2SB: L440 x W440 x H115mm
b) DZ500/2SB: L480 x W550 x H115mm
c) DZ600/2SB: L630 x W650 x H115mm
d) DZ700/2SB: L720 x W780 x H150mm

a) Gas-flush system
b) Bush pump
c) Different chamber depth and sealing-bar position and heater element width Heavy moving wheel (with brake): The heavy moving wheel with high bearing capability, which makes customer moving easily