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Sealing machine operating principle and method of operation

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Sealing machine operating principle: registered power supply, motor start to be sealed box after the transmission belt into the sealing machine, when the left and right movement through the sealing machine hit the tape, the left and right movement, with the end of the paste Belt, heal, block and other sealing action.

Method of operation

1, conditioning workbench height: release the tripod inside the tripod locking screw, according to the required height, pull out the tripod conditioning rack, and then tighten the tripod locking screw.

2, the box into the conveyor belt, into the length of about one-third of the length of the cabinet, according to the size of the box, rocking the handle tilter, move the crane, adjust the height of the movement, so that the movement Lower touch the box to stop.

3, in order to make the lid close, conditioning guide wheel position. Loosen the handwheel and push the guide wheel bracket so that the guide wheels are closely attached to the two sides of the box and lock the handwheel.

4, Swing the horizontal shaking handle horizontally adjust the orientation of the conveyor belt, so that the conveyor belt close together to clamp the box, and then remove the box, and then shake the handle to make the conveyor belt again, after adjustment, you can work in succession.

5, the tape tray away from the device according to the device on the tape movement under the seat, the glue facing the box into the direction, and then the adhesive surface around the guide with idler, glue around the unidirectional copper wheel, Before and after the top line between the rubber tire, adhere to the plastic surface facing into the box direction.

6, press the power switch, pushed into the box, the box along with the transport belt travel, after the closure of the closure seat organization, take the initiative to end up and down the carton sealing and cutting action.

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