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Vacuum sealing machine vacuum system how to configure

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Design of the vacuum system is mainly to determine how to configure the system; choose the basic structure of the system; optional vacuum equipment, piping, valves and other vacuum components. Under normal circumstances, the design of the vacuum system to solve two basic problems:

According to the amount of gas generated by the vacuum equipment, working pressure, the ultimate vacuum and pumping time, the type of the main pump, determine the pipeline and select the vacuum components;

Calculate the vacuum time of the vacuum device, or calculate the pressure achieved during a given pump down time.

The ultimate vacuum in the vacuum chamber, the ultimate vacuum that the vacuum chamber can achieve, is determined by the following equation. The ultimate vacuum in the vacuum chamber is always always below the ultimate vacuum of the vacuum extractor. The difference between the two mainly depends on the Q / S ,, pump in the vicinity of the pumping port pumping speed can be effective under certain conditions, the ultimate vacuum of the vacuum chamber is proportional to the vacuum chamber leakage and gas.

When designing a vacuum system, the blow-by is determined primarily by the ultimate vacuum of the vacuum chamber and the working pressure. The general choice is lower than the work load gas (the amount of gas released in the process of production) one-tenth.
Working pressure of the vacuum chamber: The working pressure required for normal working of the vacuum chamber is determined by the following formula. The working pressure of the vacuum chamber is generally higher than the ultimate vacuum. The closer the work pressure is to the ultimate vacuum, the lower the economic efficiency of the vacuum extraction equipment. From an economic point of view, it is best to select the working pressure at the maximum pumping speed of the main pump or the maximum exhaust. Most of the general work pressure at a pressure higher than the ultimate pressure of one to one order of magnitude.

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