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The working principle and structural characteristics of the capping machine

The working principle and structural characteristics of the capping machine

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    This machine can be divided into two parts: control box and output sensor head. The 100KHZ high-frequency current generated by the microcomputer-controlled vibration source is amplified and shaped to push the power module to output to the sensor head. When the metal aluminum foil in the container cover approaches the sensor head, eddy currents are generated on the aluminum foil to generate heat. The degree of heat generation is eddy current The intensity and duration of action are determined. The whole machine is equipped with automatic frequency stabilization circuit, the function of adjusting the action time and displaying the working status. This machine has been improved for the slow sealing speed of the 500A model, so that the machine does not need to be heated once, stop and cool once, and can continuously heat up. Therefore, the sealing speed of this machine is much faster than that of the 500A model.

  1.  Choose a flat surface, place the machine firmly, insert the connector of the hand-held sensor head into the socket on the front panel of the machine and tighten it. Pay attention to the orientation of the socket notch.
  2.  Insert one end of the power cord into the "power socket" on the rear panel of the chassis, and insert the other end into the power supply socket. Be sure to use a single-phase three-wire power supply. The voltage is 220V, and the socket can withstand more than 10A current.
  3.  Turn on the "main power switch" on the rear panel of the case; at this time, the sealing time on the control panel lights up and the machine can work.
  4.  Press and hold the "time setting button", set an appropriate value according to the diameter and material of the container to be sealed, and the set value is between 0.1-3.9 seconds.
  5.  Align the container at the center of the sensor head, (put the sensor aluminum foil film on the container lid in advance and screw it tightly) and press the "sensor switch" on the handle. At this time, the originally set time will count down to zero, then It means that the work has been completed. At this time, remove the sensor head to seal the next container.
  6.  Check the quality of the sealing. According to the containers of different materials, diameters, and production efficiency, properly trim the "time setting button" button to make the sealing quality the best.
  7.  When not working, first press the "work power switch" on the front panel to turn off.

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