Electrical coloured printer

Electrical coloured printer

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Product Description

HP-450DT Electrical coloured printer


1.It has printing nice,writing as solid,non-polluting,changing the word east,etc.
2.Factory price
3.Possess CE certific 

Technology  Parameter  

Model:                             HP-450DT
Voltage:                          110-22V/50-60HZ
Power:                             120W
Printing lines:                  1-3line
Word;s sample :              English  Numbersl
Speed:                             20-120pcs/min
Dimension:                       410*200*250MM
G.W :                                10kg


The colour tape hot printer usd colour tape to replace ink roller printing,it can print any soft packing matericals with clear printing ,and easy to dry and without sticking convient to change letters