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Automatic sealing machine functions and advantages

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1, reasonable planning: Active induction conditioning carton standard, active folding carton cover, take the initiative to paste tape, smooth, fast;

Simple operation, easy to repair, more stable function.

2, excellent quality: fully automatic folding sealing machine safe and reliable, with the world's high-quality. Parts after aging test to ensure that every detail more stable.

3, easy to operate: According to different carton standards, take the initiative to regulate the width and height. Convenient, rapid, simple, without manual conditioning.

4, safe packaging: sophisticated use of mechanical features, structural planning closely, the work process without vibration, stable and reliable work;

Equipped with blade guard to prevent accidental stabbing operation, production more secure, more efficient packaging.

5, the effect is beautiful: the choice of paste tape carton sealing, sealing the role of flat, standard, beautiful; also be able to choose the printing tape, but also improve the image of the goods, is the first choice of active packaging company;

6, the use of a wide range of suitable for the same period of a variety of standard carton flap cover. Has been widely used in food, medicine, beverages, tobacco, Japan, cars, cables, electronics and other industries, are exported to overseas countries.

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