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Solutions to common faults of box strapping machine

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The box strapping machine, which is what we often call the strapping machine, has a strapping function, which can solve the packaging problem in our production and packaging. The products that have been packaged by the baler are not easily deformed and are beneficial to transportation and handling. The baler is also ours Many enterprises are indispensable packaging equipment, but when we use the packaging machine, we will inevitably encounter the failure of the packaging machine, so when we encounter the packaging machine failure, how should we solve it? Let’s briefly talk about the packaging machine. Common faults and


What about the common faults of the box strapping machine, the baler does not automatically cut the belt? How to solve it?

1. Broken middle knife bearing
Check the cause and replace the bearing.

2. Middle knife wear
The middle knife has cutting edges on both sides, one side can be worn and the other side can be used or replaced with a new knife.

3. Broken tube pin of the middle knife
Use a small punch to punch out the broken pin and install a new pipe pin.

4. The strapping force is adjusted too tightly
There is a hexagon socket set screw above the adjusting nut. After loosening, turn the adjusting nut counterclockwise. After adjusting, tighten the hexagon socket set screw.

5. There is oil in the slippery sheet or the tightened drive belt
Remove the slippery sheet to remove the oil, wipe it dry and then assemble it in order.

6. The drive belt is too loose
Adjust the transmission frame seat (Tigong) downward or adjust the motor backward to tighten the belt.

7. The thickness of the packaging tape is too thin or the gap between the unwinding rollers is too large
The gap between the unwinding rollers should be only 0.05-0.1mm more than the thickness of the belt: adjust according to this requirement.

8. The magnetron (cut tape sensor) is faulty, and the magnet is off or damaged.

9. The balance position of the crossbar is not adjusted properly.

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